Regal Scribe

The completed website by Cress Consulting has helped Regal Scribe establish a professional online presence that accurately showcases the unique qualities of their handmade pens. It has also provided a seamless and secure online shopping experience for their customers, helping them achieve their mission of creating finely crafted writing instruments while boosting their online sales.

Regal Scribe — Regal Scribe specializes in making pens that are perfect for those special life events: signing a constitution, penning a memoir, signing a marriage certificate, signing a divorce decree…you get the idea.

Project Overview


Regal Scribe, an online vendor of fine handmade pens, faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence and showcasing their unique and meticulously crafted writing instruments. They needed a website that would accurately represent the colors, materials, and craftsmanship of their products and provide a seamless online shopping experience for their customers.


Cress Consulting worked closely with Regal Scribe to design and develop a visually stunning and user-friendly website that highlighted the exceptional quality of their handmade pens. The website was designed to showcase product photos that accurately represented the colors and materials of the pens, and it included features to enhance the overall shopping experience, such as easy navigation, detailed product descriptions, and secure payment options.

Features & Services Provided
  • High-quality product photos that accurately represent the colors, materials, and craftsmanship of Regal Scribe's handmade pens.
  • Detailed product descriptions and specifications to provide customers with comprehensive information about the pens.
  • Easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout process for a seamless online purchasing experience.
  • Integration of secure payment options to ensure safe and convenient transactions for customers.
  • Mobile responsiveness to ensure optimal browsing experience across different devices.
  • Contact forms and call-to-action buttons for customers to inquire and request more information.
  • Customized design elements and graphics to create a visually appealing and cohesive website.

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