nMeta makes emerging concepts in computing operational—helping your enterprise “solve big problems together;” improving your big data shortcomings in access, consistency, re-usability and systems efficiency.


Project Overview


nMeta had an existing static HTML website with a complex message. It was responsive but making updates was not easy because it required going directly into the code. So this was a redesign with the goal of streamlining the process of updating the site for the employees and simplifying the products and offerings. The nMeta content is very scientific so we knew it would require a lot of creative thought and creation of custom graphics.


A custom template was created around a theme that was easily identified with jazz musicians; this was appropriate as nMeta is based in New Orleans. A number of custom graphics that corresponded with company presentations were created to explain complex concepts. These graphics were further customized to suit a mobile experience. A page builder was used to make content updates simple and training was provided.

Features & Services Provided
  • Custom template
  • Page builder with training
  • Custom graphic design
  • Custom marketing research and writing

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